Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Increased Racial Tension in the USA in the Years 1964-1970 :: Papers

The Increased Racial Tension in the USA in the Years 1964-1970 Sla actually had been abolished in the USA in the 1860 balefuls had act to be treated as second-class citizens and to be denied their complaisant rights. Kennedy set up the civil rights act in 1964 that banned divergence in public accommodations, in federally assisted programs and in employment. in any case it gave federal government new power to enforce desegregation and engross voting right violations. In 1965 the voting rights act came along, this ended literacy tests for voting. It in like manner allowed federal agents to monitor registration. These acts improved civil rights but umteen threatening Americans were still dissatisfied, they were still a class B citizen. Tension continued between the two races. After the Second World War, it was still expel that black Americans were still second class citizens. Truman tried to introduce some(a) changes but he faced opposition from hi s own party and many of his ideas were dropped. In the early 50s schools, only 16 states undeniable their schools to be integrated. There were still problems with black Americans. The average income for a black family was half the amount of a white familys. This was because blacks couldnt get very good jobs e.g. fruit picking and car washing. Third of the black Americans were sprightliness below the poverty line. Black Americans still had unemployment, pathetic housing and poor schools. In 1963, Martin Luther King organised a campaign of marches and demonstrations that would condition maximum media coverage. These demonstrations were broadcast across the USA and the world and many Americans were affright at the brutality. During the campaign Martin Luther King was jailed, but the most important function was that television viewers were able to see the let onrageous treatment meted out to young demonstrations. Martin Luther King had a dream speech . For many blacks Americans the new laws were not being introduced fast enough. All the blacks wanted are to take what they thinking was theirs by right and by force if worst comes to worst.

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