Friday, March 8, 2019

Nathan “Songs of Silence” Essay

The chapters of Songs of Silence hold unneurotic as a chorus of songs from one community, but shaped by the recollections of a narrator whose perspective ranges from the innocence of childhood to the maturity of a young adult who emerges unbroken from a failed relationship. One such chapters is Nathan and hither the narrator is the reflective adult with a sophisticated notion of the abundant range if meanings silence holds. Through the character of Nation she is able to bear some aspects of this theme, which runs throughout the text in many different ways.Nathan acts strategically without words, but with potent meaning revenge (poking Tonys eye).Silence is a characteristic feature of Nathans personality, which is indistinct and profound even though he uses few words. The absence of words can mask/ blur a great deal (still waters run deep).Nathans deep and profound silence was evident even from his birth and the close fellowship he had with his sister, the narrator soulmates, w elded together by our common need for silence. They both(prenominal) started speaking late. However, her silence was different from his he was a man of tenebrific blue silences, while hers hers was a silence of moons. Here the narrator suggests that reversion to the saying silence means consent, silence does not constantly mean consent or agreement nor are all noneffervescent people to be treated the same.The manna manna manna mahkita naughty establishes the communication between the narrator and Nathan. It has unspoken personal meaning for them and suggests that its ritual is saturated with almost religious or spiritual significance. It shows that codes of communication which whitethorn appear insignificant or meaningless to others looking on, may be a way of expressing connections that (known) words cannot express.The different silences of the siblings allow them to explore, define and go their own authentic selves in their own ways. (E.g. The narrator and the ants, Natha n and his tightfistedness with money). Silence, desire money, can express identity.

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