Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Relationship Between Money and Happiness

Preface First, mickle could not be without gold. That is, if the great unwashed out of bullion, deal have no rapture lie ins with. Money is the entry of live, for if there is no money, flock cannot survive. If hatful cannot survive, how can there be mirth at all. Second, money is not everything. Most of the rejoicing could not be brought by money. For example, Bill Gates cannot whoop it up the happiness of flight of stairs from a disaster, cannot extol the happiness of be a world champion, cannot enjoy the happiness of win the gold medal, cannot enjoy the happiness of families reunion, cannot enjoy the happiness of be a president.Money only slightly associated with happiness In fact, when people have enough of money, the happiness people gain conk out less and less. It is majority people unexpected, but this is the fact that Western countries live for decades. Experts in the West confirmed a fact If you do a graph of American life since the end of World war II, ever y clientele concerning money and the things that money can buy would soar upward, a statistical monument to materialism. Inflation-adjusted in go far per American has almost tripled, such as per capita income, existent income, lifetime, housing area, the per capita car number, the number of telephone calls each year, the number of trips per year, the highest full stop IQ scores. No matter how you chart the trends in earning and spending, everything is up, up, up. But if you do a chart of American happiness since the end of World War II, the lines would be as flat as a marble tabletop. some everything is begetting better, but people did not feel happier.Yale University political accomplishment professor Robert Portland found that if you charted the incidence of depression since 1950, the lines suggest a plus epidemic. Money jangles in our wallets and purses as never before, but we are essentially no happier for it, and for many another(prenominal), more money leads to de pression. Correlation amid money and happiness- 0. 25 Many scholars have been extensive, large-scale sample survey concluded. Concluded that money and happiness is not the way people think proportional, neither the happier the more wealthy people, the more money the less happy people.The relationship surrounded by them is minimal, with scholars jargon, the relationship amongst them is only slightly positive. The psychology of money, this book made a quantifiable figure on the relationship between money and happiness there have been a number of studies of this relationship, and they all come up with a correlation of about 0. 25 This book ingestion x-axis and y-axis, the mathematics way, visually describe the relationship between money and happiness assuming that use y-axis draw the satisfaction of happiness, and use x-axis describe the tot up of money.The intersection of two axes is the starting point of zero. And then make a mark on y-axis at 0. 25, which is limit value of the correlation between money and happiness. When peoples incomes are low, the satisfaction of happiness is very low indeed. When people are without money, the satisfaction of happiness is almost close to zero. Once people just out of the poverty line, the curve which describe the relationship between money and happiness go away rush up almost thought the 0. 25 line. And then quickly become a horizontal line at 0. 5 irrelevant with the x-axis. Even if the amount of money on the x-axis increasing in thousands, millions, or billions rate doubled, the relationship between money and happiness curve ignore it. The line volition never choke 0. 25. And the curve maybe fall to 0. 2, 0. 1 or lower level. In mathematics, this phenomenon is called diminishing marginal accomplishment. Reasons for money and happiness curve diminished through and through observation and study of happiness, we can find that any happiness in the world has a premise which is intrust.If people have no desire, people would not have happiness. So eager is only source of happiness. longing is something people look forward, but do not get yet. So happiness is the pleasure when people are satisfied or state gets the thing which they look forwards. Furthermore, we can draw a conclusion, happiness (that is the source) is unrenewable. after we got a happiness, we can repeat to enjoy it, the desire will diminished, until disappear. This bureau people only have N times to enjoy the akin type of happiness.For example, when people have learned how to ride bicycle, he will use it as much as possible, the happiness he get will increase. But when the time he ride bicycle polish off to N, the happiness he get before will fall to zero. Because of happiness is non-renewable resources, so in the world of money and material, everyone has the limited resources of desire, and everyone has limited happiness to enjoy. For example, after we learned how to ride bicycle, and enjoy the happiness of ride bicyc le, we will never enjoy it again.Along with our possession increase, our happiness will increase too. But the resources of happiness will diminish. It means the happiness we can enjoy will decrease. That is reasons for money and happiness curve diminished Conclusion They word money cant buy happiness, but it can facilitate it. Malcolm Forbes Happiness is the desire for repetition. Milan Kundera At the lower end of the income scale the better-off are happier there is no effect from the middle of the scale onwards.And there has been no historical effect of increased national prosperity on happiness. There is evidence that people are happier of they think they are doing better than other people, or than they did themselves previously. another(prenominal) sources of happiness are much more important, such as leisure, duty satisfaction, social relations and personality. Money has very little effect on these, money people want to be rich or richer, and many take part in lotteries, no d oubt in the belief that winning will make them happier. References

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