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Dbq French and Indian War Essay

in advance 1754, some(prenominal) the French and British had huge masses of land in America. overly sharing the land, was the natives, who were exceedingly nervous about the Englishmen taking away their land. This affair eventually led to the French and Indian fight, in like manner known as the Seven Years state of war (1754-1763). The French and Indian war alter the political, economic, and ideological relations Britain and its American colonies in many ship canal where it ultimately led to the American Revolution because of the note that was developed in the midst of them.The French and Indian war altered the political relations surrounded by Britain and its American colonies because of what happened before and by and by the French and Indian war. Before the war, the British had let colonists be and do whatever they wanted. But after the war, Britain had gained more land, as seen in Doc. A, and salutary neglect ended. This then brought up a feud on colonists prototype in Parliament. To control the colonists, a British army was put in find in that they told everyone was for their own protection from the Natives. The Proclamation Line was also executed, which was that a fanciful line that separated the colonists and the Natives(Doc. B).The British saw this a protection for the colonists, further it was achievementually just a negative for those saving up to vitiate land in new territory. Having the British passs guard the colonists from the natives became expensive, so the quarter Act was put into place to shake off sure that every soldier would have a place to stay and then, the Restraining Act was en hale to make the colonists pay for the soldiers. This only enraged the colonists more because they were constrained to house and support the enemy that was send to take away their rights. completely British relations in politics with the Americans were ruined because of acts put in place, causing the colonists to want to separate from Britai n.The French and Indian war eventually slid the British back into a economic recession. They had to define a way to get their money back from the war. In Britains mind, the only logical place to get the money was from the American colonists because the money was technically spent on them, as seen in Doc. F. But The British was not expecting the hostile response from their Stamp Act and having to pay for the war damages. The colonists have never been taxed before, and they couldnt understand why they had to pay without having representation for themselves. The Stamp Act really affected every colonist because they were forced to pay for every day items.The Stamp Act Congress sent appeals to Britains government to try to convince them of the insanity of the act, exactly the government was not going to change their mind(Doc. G). While going against the Stamp Act, the Colonists mocked the act by placing skulls in the place where the stamp on documents and letters would go(Doc. H). It was take a shit from the American response that they were not going to just give up and let the English tax them without a clear fight. two the colonists and the British both had their different opinions, which created an even stronger strain between them, reeling in the American Revolution closer and closer.The ideological relations between the colonists and the British were undeniably a part of the developing strain after the French and Indian war. Before the war, North America was where the former England settlers went, and they still considered themselves as a part of their homeland(Doc. E), until the England government taxed the colonists and not their country as a whole(Doc. F). The colonists changed their political theory about staying loyal to their mother country because of this and slowly started to drift towards rebellion.The Natives also were about of the developing strain between the British and the colonists. The Natives were solely panicky that the British would t ake their land for farming, and they thought that the British people had no right to settle there(Doc. B). And then, after the Proclamation line was present, the military had come in to protect the colonists, but it is proven true that the armies were seen as methamphetamine hydrochloride (Doc. D). The American colonists just wanted equality and liberty from the British empire, but it was obvious that they werent going to get that because of the British taxes and not let further settling in the other parts of the American land. Both of these contributions led to the colonists wanting to succeed from the British empire.The French and Indian war changed the political, economic, and the ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies because of the developing strain that eventually led to the American Revolution.

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