Thursday, June 20, 2019

Past and Current Trends in Human Services Assignment

Past and Current Trends in Human Services - Assignment Example better(p) Practice entails a certain degree of agreement on enquiry-based knowledge and a consultative process of using this knowledge in health care delivery. On the other hand, Evidence-Based Practice involves application of the best-known research evidence when making healthcare-based decisions. Healthcare practitioners use patient preferences and clinical expertise alongside research evidence to provide quality health care (Lippincott, 2007). Integrated Health Care entails the control and delivery of health care service of processs with a conspiracy of curative and preventive services. In this instance, the patients receive care based on their needs over time and across various stages of the health system.The intended outcomes of the trends in Human Services are to ensure effective delivery of human health services. For instance, EBP requires the researcher, client and practitioner to work together to identify circ umstances that earn all parties involved. The approach provides surety that services and treatments, when offered as intended, will produce the most effective outcomes backed up by research. Such trends should be wide disseminated to benefit the greatest number of people. However, some of the unintended consequences are related to the costs incurred in the process. While it is expensive to get quality health care, it is mandate also to save a life.With the changing trends in the Human Services, networking is essential for all the stakeholders involved. Networking among organizations at state, national and regional levels is essential in building resiliency among Human Services providers and also to enable them cope with the fast-changing environment. Networking also provides a forum for information sharing among the various stakeholders. Such networks lead to an improved service delivery in the Human Service sector.State of Michigan.

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