Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Impacts of a borderless society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Impacts of a borderless society - Essay ExampleBoth of my meals were make at home from ingredients bought at the local grocery store. Except for the ground beef and the lettuce, all the other ingredients were prepared somewhere else and assembled by me to make the meal. The adjacent chart shows each ingredient and the place it was construct.None of these ingredients were manufactured outside the United States, so in one sense the food is localit was manufactured in this country. But there is no easy way to find out where the wh down, corn, and other ingredients in the final product were produced. The list of ingredients on the Alfredo behave jar is quite long, for instance, and all those things had to be shipped from somewhere so the manufacturer could assemble the product. In fact, the cheese was probably manufactured somewhere outside the Kentucky lay and shipped there, so its ingredients origins are unknown but probably shipped. DeWeerdt (2009) notes there is a distinction bet ween shipping by truck or by rail, for instance, so it is possible that even if the ingredients started out 1,500 miles away from the manufacturer, if they were shipped by rail the impact would be less than if they were shipped by truck.While I was researching the orbwide market for this essay, a National Geographic article (Bourne Jr., 2009) offered some very telling statistics as a framework for understanding how the food I eat fits into the larger global picture. In 2007, for instance, the globe had 61 days worth of food stockpiled (para. 2). This is not only food for humans the animals we raise to eat as well as consume grain, and our cars even consume grain by using ethanol (para. 16 DeWeerdt, 2009, para. 17). If all agricultural production stopped, in two months the entire world would be out of food. Bourne also notes that the poorest billion people on the planetspend 50 to 70

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