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Customer Service Representative Morale Essay -- essays research papers

A business seeks to make a profit by providing customers with goods and avails. The success of the business is in the quality of the goods and customer service. focus and leadershiphip looks have a great impact on the working environment and employees motivation. The working environment also affects both get byment and other employees motivation, which in turn influences the overall progress and well being of the organization. It all comes down to keeping employees enthusiastic and energized by developing a leadership dah that give build teamwork and growth for the organization. The managers leadership style contributes directly to the employees motivation and work satisfaction. There ar m any(prenominal) types of leadership styles, one that is task-oriented and the other is employee-oriented. A manage or supervisor with a task-oriented style will typically train and expect results as if they we doing the task themselves. On the other hand, the manager with an employee-orien ted leadership style will foster team work with a concern in boosting employee self esteem, enhancing their decision making and problem solving skills. Not all leaders fall exclusively into one style or the other. Depending on the personality and the dominant part of the managers style, the effects on the customer service representative will vary.There are three main types of leadership styles that shape all kinds of leaders. The three types are the autocratic, democratic, and free-reign styles of leadership. The autocratic style of leadership would be considered the most task-oriented type, in which the manager carries out all the decision-making process without any feedback or suggestions from subordinates. Communication is one-way, where the work provided by the manager is to be done without any modifications by the subordinates. In this style of leadership, the delegation of authority is controlled, meaning that the decision-making is only performed by senior managers and is rar ely delegated to subordinates along the chain of command. The democratic leadership style is more of a participative type of leadership. It is a two-way communication leadership, in which employees are allowed to contribute in the decision-making however, the manager makes the final decision. The delegation of authority in this style of leadership is less controlled and more de..., motivating employees to produce the desired behavior.The days of a customer service representative sitting in a dimly lit cubical for hours on end, without the proper skills and information are long gone. The customer service representative today is a highly sure-handed individual with a passion for assisting each and every caller with the best possible service they can provide. They are empathetic, compassionate, and dedicated to the task at hand. They are truly an asset to any companies well being and success.ReferencesLeavitt, W.M. (1996). High pay and low morale-Can high pay, excellent benefi ts, problem security, and low job satisfaction coexist in a public agency? Public Personnel Management, 25, 333-341. Khaleque, A., & Chowdhury, N. (1983, May). Perceived importance of job facet and over all job satisfaction of overstep and bottom level industrial managers. Paper presented at the proceedings of the third Asian Regional Conference of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, Bang, Malaysia. Rahman, T., Rahman, T., & Khaleque, A. (1995). Job facets and job satisfaction of bank employees in Bangladesh. Psychological Studies, 40, 154-156

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