Sunday, June 9, 2019

MNGMT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MNGMT - Essay ExampleI then called them up and asked if peradventure we could go back to the coffee shop and discuss few other things.Back to the coffee shop, we had a very interesting discussion and we even had a question-and-answer sort of activity. We were trying to ask one another about possible questions that may be asked on the exams and it turned out to be a delight way of studying. There were instances that if one of us attempts to answer a particular question, the other one would refute and provide another answer that lead to a discussion and research on which answer was correct. It went that way in a few hours and when it was time to get home, I was pretty confident that I take for more retention with the activity that we had compared to when I was trying to study on my own.This personal experience may not be a group decisiveness making but the fact that we were able to make our studying easier, I can definitely conclude that workings with a group is better than working alone. With a group, one is given the chance to give his ownidea while the rest of the members can scrutinize and analyze the given idea. There is an supplant of thoughts until they get to choose whose idea fits the puzzle beaver. In turn, decision making is at its best and one can expect a pretty technical outcome. Although an exchange of ideas can be a challenge sometimes because it takes more time compared to when you have to decide on your own, you can be assured though that it is better than when you have to do all the thinking. I believe that in cases like coming up with a solution to a seemingly mingled task, like an assignment, a project or the like, it is always best to discuss possible approaches with a group rather than assume you have all the best ideas in the world. Given this technique, one can never go

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