Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Effect Of Global Warming On The US And The Global Economy Research Paper

Effect Of Global Warming On The US And The Global Economy - Research Paper illustrationGovernments have a hard time funding transition from coal and oil to other forms of energy due to economic crunch. IV.Possible solutions List lead possible solutions to the problem The United States and world(a) economies should invest in renewable sources of energy kindred solar, wind and bio-fuel. The coke taxes should be enforced to compel nations like China and India among others to reduce GHG emissions. This should be made into a United Nations resolution. Technological innovation should be allowed to play a key role in resolution orbicular warming. This might include changing the harmful gases into a less harmful form V.Analysis and recommendation Although there atomic number 18 complicating factors of opposition to global warming, disagreements on how to impose global carbon taxes, and slow transition to renewable energy, the problem of global warming might be solved, by unified sci entific approach because of scientists would agree on research solutions, governments would act unanimously on carbon emissions and renewable energy would be made accessible. VI.Anticipated outcome leash things that will happen if your solution is implemented. If global warming gets a unified global approach then The world shall reduce carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020. The United Nations would enforce international subsidies for renewable sources of energy Scientists, the world over, would use technology to provide joint solutions to global warming. Executive compend Global warming has become a global phenomenon associated with adverse weather conditions. According to predictions by the United Nations, world economy shall be adversely moved(p) if drastic measures are not...This is because the challenges of global warming have an economic bearing. This calls for concerted efforts in the search for solutions. Global warming has both market and non market do. Nonmarket effec ts include health complications. Market effects include expected changes in the energy productions sectors. The issue has been complicated by stiff opposition to the possibility of global warming. There are views that there has been no evidence of global warming for the last decade. There have been requests to shift from non-renewable to renewable energy sources like solar and wind. The federal government of United States of America is being urged to subsidize renewable energy production and facilitate an energy policy shift. The international community is introducing carbon taxes from the leading producers of carbon emissions among other initiatives. Introduction The interest in the climatic change increased significantly in 1980s. Researchers were keenly interested in conclusion out the nature of impacts anticipated from the climatic change. According to a research by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), global warming of 4C could cause adverse effects on water, biodiversit y, agriculture and energy. According to research, the northern parts of the United States are expected to benefits from global warming especially because they are cold.

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