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One Hundred Years of Solitude Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

One Hundred Years of Solitude - Essay Example These occurrences befall all the Buendia family generations, who are unwilling, sometimes unable, to run from these misfortunes that are often self-inflicted. Eventually, the town of Macondo is destroyed by a hurricane, a further highlight on the inherently cyclical turmoil that characterizes Macondo. As the story ends, a descendant of Buendia is able to decipher a cipher that many of Buendia’s descendants had found unable to, foiled by its encryption. The message contained in the cipher reveals all misfortunes, and fortunes, that the Buendia family had lived through over the generations. This paper aims to discuss the various varieties of love, a recurring theme in the novel, with particular emphasis on Amaranta and Jose Arcadia (ІІІ). Love exists in a variety of forms in the novel. However, because this love is born in a society afflicted with solitude, it is rarely happy. Doomed love permeates the novel as seen in the curious and tragic saga of the beautiful Remedies (Fox 49). Any man who strives to pursue her ends up dead. Another form of love is one that breeds animosity and jealousy, especially among siblings. An example of this is the rivalry that exists between Amaranta and Rebecca as they both fall in love with Pietro Crespi, who eventually decides to marry Rebecca leaving Amaranta with a feeling of animosity towards Rebecca. There also exists genuine love in the novel (Fox 50). The two most obvious examples are the love between Meme and Mauricio Babilonia, and Aureliano and Amaranta Ursula. Their love, however, does not end well, with intervention that is unexpected, horrific, and even gratuitous. Simple passion also exists between Aureliano Segundo and his mistress, Petra Cotes. This passion is productiv e as it brings wealth and fertility to the Buendia family (Bloom 99). Love triangles in the novel also exist. Colonel Aureliano and Jose Arcadio (ІІ) are involved in an affair with Pilar Tenera, whose result is two sons by each

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