Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Environmental science Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Environmental science - Research Paper Example On the other hand, the quality of water is compromised in the essence that it is polluted on a number of occasions. In many regions, the availability of water in both quantity and quality is affected by climate variability and climate change, with more or less precipitation in different regions and more extreme weather events. Sanitation is the collection of waste safely, storing, treating of waste, and disposing it. In a nutshell the managing of waste presence in water is of importance. This is so that we are able to avert the various diseases as typhoid and cholera and to keep away from toxic substances to bring about economic benefits. In many developing and developed countries the use of piped sewer systems, pit latrines with slab, septic tanks is low. In addition, there are hanging toilets, latrines, most facilities are shared, in some instances there are no facilities, and the people use the bush or field for waste disposal. The use of piped water in dwelling units, boreholes, and methods of rainwater collection that are improved are low while on the contrast unprotected springs and the surface water as rivers, dams, and streams are high in developed and developing countries alike. Since time long ago, food and energy are fundamentals to life. This is because for a growing economy and political goodwill matters of food and energy must be addressed that crop up from generation of power and agriculture. For instance in the United States: 34% of water is used for agriculture, 48% is used for generating power and 18% for others (Forest Practices Board 79). However, in most developing and developed economies, agricultural production takes 70% generally of the water consumed (evaporation and transpiration or other means). Therefore, for irrigation purposes and improved agricultural production, generation of power there has to be a nexus in water, food, and energy (Forest Practices Board 86). There are projections on the rise of the sea level from 18 to 59 cm in 2090 -2099. This extreme event in association with a rise in the sea level will cause serious effects to human beings. With food being the major worry there would be increase in crop production in temperatures below 3 degrees Celsius and a decrease in a couple of areas. More people will be at risk of heart and breathe diseases, malnutrition, diarrhea, and extreme conditions of weather (Starrett 69). There may be contraction in the geographical area malaria will affect and an expansion elsewhere. The freshness of water would also be compromised due to melting, acidification, and increased population. Seasonal transmission periods will also change. To conclude the effects on climate change on human beings would bring more negative implications than benefits (United Nations 45). The lingering concern is for the protection of the environment. This is because climate change will lead to some regions becoming deserts; there would be increased warm intermediate flow beneath and a gradual grounding line movement. This will bring about destabilization in the form of food and energy production and the livelihoods of various citizens would be curtailed. Various economies would be mixed up and globally detrimental effects will be felt by alike. Case

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