Friday, October 18, 2019

How Should American Colleges adjust themselves for International Essay

How Should American Colleges adjust themselves for International Students - Essay Example In addition, in the field of policy of the foreign the United States and other more developed countries’ colleges educate many of those who take positions in leadership. Especially in other countries, this in the end may benefit relations between nations (Kegel 1). In addition, International students from international communities who chose to study in America colleges are mostly the bright students in their home nations and are also very motivated and focused students. However, these international students face a merge of challenges from the time they report to college. One of the challenges, for instance, English proficiency may be particularly problematic for most students from internationally. For example, in China, English is not taught through a speaking form but rather more through writing. As a result, many students from China know English vocabulary and grammar better, but have a hard time in conversing in English. International students from the international community mostly have challenges in understanding lectures, taking part in class discussions, writing term papers and taking notes. These students may also have difficulty understanding U.S English accents, idioms, slang, accents, and jokes. More so, international students may h owever think that they are incompetent in English conversational to participate in class (Kuo 1). However to make this matter more complex, the corporate world and community want students to grow and learn during college. Employers, parents of all students, and the public at large expect that college graduates will have gained adequate knowledge and certain abilities, qualities, and skills, including career cognitive and competencies when undertaking practical. They will demonstrate a given high level of competency in critical thinking, working as teamwork, resilience, solving problems and communication. They will be committed to social and personal

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