Thursday, October 10, 2019

Human effects on environments Essay

Human effects on environments is increasing during the past few years. Those trash and pollution made by people is becoming detrimental to local environment. There is a survey done in Xingqing park in Xian about human effects on natural environment. Water quality including turbidity and pH were tested, also the quality of soil was tested. In addition human effects were found in order to see how deep the damage is. Food web provides a view of creatures live in there in order to give an opinion on how much the pollution is. The result was that human activities does have negative effects on natural environment in various ways, so in conclusion people should care moe about loca environment instead of through trash. Introduction Human activities sometimes contaminates the nature, it can be seen in many parts of city such as parks and lakes. Here the environment of Xingqing park is damaged by people for many years. As a park, it locates in the center of the city which means the majority of people come there frequently. In order to find the damage, items such as pH, turbidity and others were tested to find out how much the negative effects are. Human activities like footprints and trashes are also counted in. The thesis is that human activities has detrimental damage on environment because of trash and lack of cleaning. Method In order to find out the quality of water, first we tested the water turbidity using Secchi disk, measured the length of the line to calculate the turbidity. Then the pH of water was tested using pH paper. Soil pH is a little different, we have to put soil and water in a ratio of 1 over 5, then wait until water and soil separated into layers, the clear part of the water will be tested by pH paper. For plants distribution and food chain we use a map to mark every time we see certain creatures. Human activities including foot prints and trash are marked in the map also. Then results will be analyzed to reach the conclusion. Findings Based on research, there are something in the park represents environmental damage. Walking around the lake there is died fish over the corner spreads smelly smell, it seems that the quality of water is not good enough to support such big creatures. Also there are not enough decomposers to break it down. In addition, there are several insects float on the water, also some trash such as plastic bags are around corner of the lake edge. The water turbidity is 33cm in Secchi disk measurement, another thing is seen commonly is massive of bacteria on the surface of water floating around,which is disgusting. On the ground there is a wild crab found in the bush, also there are wild sparrows and magpies found in the tree but not so many. For plans distribution, since it is an artificial lake, the plants are mostly planted by human, rings of tress surrounded the whole lake. But the grass cover is not in a high rate, hard soil is everywhere due to human walking, about 40%of land is covered by grass. Another thing need to consider is soil and water pH, however both the soil and lake have water in basic levels of 7 to 8, which is just ok for creatures to survive. Finally we noticed that there are a huge amount of ants, including big ants and small ants. Small ants stay together meanwhile big ants going around alone. As internet shown the air quality is not as bad, pm2.5 is in a level of 110 in general.

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