Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Your thoughts concerning an intranet where employees can learn and Essay

Your thoughts concerning an intranet where employees can learn and mutually inspire each other - Essay Example Intranets just as any other computer networks including the internet use computer’s internet protocols to facilitate the haring of such resources as information, computing services and operating systems among many others within a single organization. This implies that an organization can customize the features of its intranet thereby making it unique and accessible to particular group of people who have specific interest in the organization. The size and type of an intranet to install in an organization depends on the size of the organization and the nature of the database used in such organizations. Debenhams plc. Is a multinational retail chain operating as department stores in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Ireland. As an organization requires an integrated database with appropriate intranet to link its franchises t a central database, thus enabling consolidate communication among the employees of the company. An intranet is a composition of different communication devices including a computer, routers, switches, data cables and telephones among many other features. To uyse an intranet effectively, employees require appropriate training and skills. Furthermore, the employees can train and support each other on the use of either each of the myriad component of the intranet or the entire network. Besides the above elements, an intranet may include other features such as fax machines, telephones and printers among others. The incorporation of these in an intranets permits sharing of the resources. The placement of such fractures should be strategic in order to facilitate access and efficient service delivery. Sharing of the resources constitute a major advantage of intranets since it makes management of organizations such as Debenhams plc. easier. By including a printer and a fax machine in an intranet, the organization consolidates the information processing mechanism thus permitting every station to access and print information without the need to buy several printers for every department. Additionally, the intranet maintains the integrity of the data printed by the centrally placed printer since it eliminates the use of secondary data storage facilities such as flash drives most of which transfer computer viruses thus impairing the functionality of the machines. An intranet is a fundamental feature of the Debenhams plc. It improves the level of professionalism in the organization besides its role in the operations of the firm. Through the intranet, Debenhams’ employees learn and inspire each other a feature that don not only improve the level of professionalism in the organization but also motivate employees thus improving profitability. Just as with any other technology, it will compel the employees to learn the ways of operation and handling in order to use efficiently. This way, the installation of an intranet in organization will motivate employees to learn and those with adequate knowledge on the operation of the di fferent machines to help enlighten others. Additionally, subsequent upgrade of the intranet will require progressive training of the staff in order to improve their ability to operate the equipment better. The use of computers is elaborate and requires professional technical knowhow depending on the roles of an employee in an organization. Managers for example use detailed programs in managing the organization’s operations and finance, the roles and duties of the employees differ depending on their positions within the organization. This implies that their use of the intranet will equally differ thus compelling the installation of different features of the intranet depending on the use

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