Monday, September 9, 2019

Behavior Problems research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Behavior Problems - Research Paper Example On the other hand, creativity is not directly related to the academic achievements of learners. However, birth order is directly linked to higher levels of creativity. Introduction Behavioral problem, as a noun phrase is used to refer to any suggestive expression of interpersonal or emotional maladjustment, especially in children. These problems are externally depicted through actions like enuresis, nail-biting, negativism, or the display of overt antisocial acts or hostile behavioral patterns. On the other hand, Creativity is the predisposition to recognize or generate ideas, possibilities, and alternatives to an issue – especially during the course of solving problems, while conversing, and when communicating with others. Creativity is also displayed, from the ability of an individual to entertain themselves and others. There are three courses, as to why individuals are provoked into developing creativity. These include the necessity to express values or ideas; the desire to solve the problems that will come in the way of an individual; and the need to express original, varied and multifaceted stimulation. However, in order to be creative, there is an intricate need to be able to view things in varied ways, or from different perspectives. The ability to display creativity does not occur by change, but is linked to highly fundamental qualities of thinking, these including tolerance of unpredictability, the ability to enjoy unknown things, and flexibility in thinking processes. Academic achievement can be defined as the display of superiority in varied academic fields – both in class as well as in extracurricular activities. It is a phrase used to mean a combination of superiorities in the following areas: behavior, confidence, sporting, communication, skillfulness, arts, punctuality, culture and assertiveness among others. Discussion From a previous study carried out by (Yousefi et al. 2010), the statistics shows that boys suffering from behavior al and emotional difficulties scored lower in academic achievement, when compared to those who did not have these problems. However, in the case of girls showing the symptoms of internalizing problems, it was different, as they attained higher grades in academic achie

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