Monday, September 23, 2019

Mass Media, Violence and Hate Research Proposal

Mass Media, Violence and Hate - Research Proposal Example 1. Source: Anderson, C. A. & Bushman, B. J. (2001). Media violence and the American public: Scientific facts versus media misinformation. American Psychological Association. 56(6/7), 477-489.  Description: The paper talks about the relationship between media violence and aggression, and the impact on the American people.  Evaluation: The authors argue that the 50 years of news coverage in United States (U.S.) on the association between aggression and media violence have confused the U.S. public. The authors are well knowledgeable in their expertise. The argument is strong since the mass media is not very sure of the link between media violence and aggression. The argument is weak because there are research studies that have proved a link between media violence and aggression.   Ã‚  Relation: Media violence has been covered in this paper and thus, it is important to the research.  2. Source: Perrone, S. & White, R. (2001). Racism, ethnicity and hate crime.  Description: The paper explores the relevance of racism and ethnicity to hate crime. Among the many factors attributed to these vices, mass media is one of them.Evaluation: The authors argue that racism penetrates the lives of the ethnic minority youths in a way that it enhances violence as a practical solution to the problems of identity and status. The authors have a firm background in the field. The argument is strong because one way in which racism penetrates these people is through the media

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