Thursday, September 26, 2019

Tort Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Tort - Essay Example Most tort cases occur due to negligence. This is where a person causing the harm did not do it with ill intentions. However, the neglect that came into play led to the suffering of another. This paper will review some tort risks that arose in the product liability video and tort violations from the video. Product liability is where the manufactured products of any company may cause harm to their consumers. Negligence that may have taken place in the company at the time of manufacture may be the cause of this. They are liable for law suits from those affected. They then have to pay for damages through monetary compensation (Currie & Cameron, 2000). This is if the affected party can prove beyond doubt that they were harmed by the product consumption. Tort risks that may arise from the product liability video include medical malpractice, and automobile accidents. These risks may bring harm to consumers and customers involved with the products produced by these companies. The negligence that may occur during the manufacture of some of these products can cause law suits for product liability (Currie & Cameron, 2000). Consumers have a right to safe products. But a good question arises about the safety of products, â€Å"how safe is safe enough?† The answer is often given by the manufacturer about their product to convince consumers of safety. However, if problems arise after the consumption of such products, it is usually termed as a breach of contract. This is because the manufacturer promised safety, but failed to deliver on that promise (Deakin, 2008). This is equated to a breach of contract. They are, therefore, liable for a lawsuit from the person affected. Today, a breach of any contract is often termed as a tort, or a civil wrong. A tort violation in the video is product malfunction. This is where a fully manufactured product ceases to function normally. The result of this is personal injury to the consumer of that product. It is the job of

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