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Important Management Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Important Management Questions - Essay Example DMAIC method can be utilized when a product or a process is in existence at the company and does not meet the customer specification. In case of clinical practices setting, DMAIC tool can be effectively utilized when any kind of change in triggered. For instance, the health care organisation plans to introduce a new department such as neurology department for the patients. Such introduction necessitates the demand for change management in the healthcare setting. Therefore, all the aspects of DMAIC model need to be taken into consideration when bringing in such a change. At the outset, it is significant to create awareness regarding the change in the heath care organization. After having created awareness, the desire to change amongst those affected needs to be measured. Furthermore, it becomes essential to train the people and thus ensure that the organization has the ability to change. After having gained the necessary training, the people in the organization are capable of embracin g the desired change effectively. When a clinical administrator in an organization recognizes that the organization will be capable of adjusting with the change, only then change can be enforced. The Six Sigma DMAIC process can be implemented to identify the lacuna in the existing systems and to recognize how to correct them and thus implement required changes for the near future. DMAIC can be utilized in the clinical setting when the existing processes are not meeting the needs of the patients. FMEA Utilization in Performance Management FMEA stands for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. It is a methodical and proactive technique for assessing a method to recognize the probable ways in which it may fail. It further evaluates the influence of the failures, in order to determine the parts of the processes that require change. FMEA has been utilized in the health care industry for organizing the information that has been gathered on causes and their effects. FMEA can be utilized in the process conceptualization and design along with assessment stages. The concept can be consistently applied for constant quality improvement in care providing processes from planning through performance evaluation. In case of clinical practices, the various factors under which performance management can be evaluated have been mentioned in the table below: Factors For Consideration For Performance Management Through FMEA Gathering a team of clinical experts who are involved in a high-risk care process Identifying a trained facilitator Undertaking meetings to converse about a care process in detail Conducting analysis as well as scoring hazardous items upon the care process related maps Applying the indicated results High-risk care processes are generally those where the processes that are employed are generally fragmented and comprise people from numerous departments as well as disciplines for performing similar tasks. Results obtained from FMEA tend to explain and to prioritize fail ures in care providing process and thus facilitate to determine the root causes of such failures. The table below helps to explain the use of FMEA in performance management of the employees in the hospital. The Table Below Describes the FMEA Scoring Example: Function Potential Failure mode Potential effect(s) of failure S Potential causes(s) of failure O

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