Friday, May 3, 2019

Europe's Promise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Europes Promise - Essay ExampleThus, enchantment America has been instrumental in supporting the revolution and reestablishment of post world war II Europe, it is immediately emerging that another world power is developing. However, the difference between American as a office and the emerging Europe world power is that Europe has collectively embraced all the social, environmental and economic strategies that allow create an economic hub that is less prone to financial crisis, a social setting that affords social, cultural and humans assistance sustainability for its population, as well as an environmental focus that will enhance environmental sustainability (Hill, 43). Europes unused promise is to develop a human society that has economic security and empowerment, and which has embraced global new vision for humans the vision of wellbeing and comfort. The argument of the book is that the social capitalist come along is the stovepipe hope for the future generational stabilit y in the world, as opposed to the pure capitalism approach applied by the United States, which has served to alienated its people since the end of the world war II, through creating a society that is lacking in equality and economic sustainability (Hill, 52). The consequence has been the creation of a society that is split right through the middle, with a certain percentage of the American society joining the higher class, a class defined by immense wealth, while there is still another class on the bottom of the hierarchy that is poverty-stricken. The social and economic inequality has been contributed by the purely capitalist approach, which enables the rich and the owners of the factors of yield to continuously enrich themselves, while the lower class of workers rarely gets an opportunity to move up the test (Hill, 117). It is such a system that has created an American society where the population obtains less for the value of their money, since when the costs of out-of-pocket run are combined with the taxes that the American pays, the value is equivalent with that of the European population, yet the value of the public services delivered to the Americans are much lower (Hill, 33). Therefore, the hope for the new and emerging democracies should lie on the complete reforms applied by the European nations, as opposed to the libertarian approach that is characteristic of the United States democracy. Further, the European health care and the social social welfare systems are more efficient and effective in catering for the European commodious population, compared to those of America, where the provision of healthcare is not equitable and universal, and thus there is no guarantee for the health welfare of the American population (Hill, 272). Additionally, the social welfare system of America is inequitable and does not take effectual care of the older generation, most of whom, are left to grapple with the problem of catering for their health services after retirement, considering that the social welfare system is not well integrated with the healthcare system, to ensure the holistic caring of the population. Similarly, the labor rights in the European countries are based on an equitable system

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