Monday, May 13, 2019

BUSSINESS ENVIRONMENT Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

BUSSINESS ENVIRONMENT - Thesis ExampleTata nerve is the humankinds sixth major steel manufacturing partnership. The family is commercially present in more than fifty countries and operates in more than twenty countries. The company was founded in Jamshedpur, India, in 1970 (Tata Steel, 2009).The company has extended its operation in investing in Millennium Steel (renamed Tata Steel Thailand), Corus (UK) and NatSteel Holdings (Singapore). The company has also extended its marketing and manufacturing network in Europe, the Pacific-rim countries and South East Asia. The company has the ability to manufacture over 30 million tones of crude steel every year. The company produces basic steel products and crude steel which is used in construction for the building through Tata BlueScope Steel, its venture with Australias BlueScope Steel (Tata Steel, 2009).The companys external boundaries comprise of the political, economic, technological, legal and social boundaries in the market. The company has to incorporate these challenges to seek maximum benefit from these boundaries.The economical condition for the steel industry in India was not that toilsome as compared to the scrimping of steel industry in other countries. But globalization made the economy of the country to grow as a result the steel industry in India also grew qualification Tata Steel to grow as it was the first private steel manufacturing industry in India and operating internationally with regard to the globalization policy.Tata Steel started to export in the foreign markets as well as venturing into the parvenu market with collaboration and acquisition of different steel companies making the company grow in the cosmea economy. History is evident that no other Indian steel company has developed and expanded as Tata Steel industry did. The company has huge capacity to produce enormous tone of steel for the world consumption making the company compete in the world as a

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