Sunday, May 12, 2019

Characteristics of Multicultural Organization Research Paper

Characteristics of Multiethnical fundamental law - Research Paper ExampleThis paper illustrates that globalization has resulted in integration of people from diametrical cultures in the society and workplace. In the contemporary world, diverse workforce characterizes organizations. A multicultural organization comprises and accommodates employees from varying cultural backgrounds, ghostly affiliations, gender backgrounds, ethnic groups, and racial groupings. A multicultural organization comprises of individuals with varying backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. Therefore, problems are apt(predicate) to emerge as the individuals attempt to adapt to each other. However, appropriate management of the multicultural workforce dope create opportunities and en fit the organization to lock competitively in the marketplace. Therefore, multiculturalism has the potential of causing disasters or opportunities depending on how the management handles the complex issue. For enhanced perform ance, the organization management should establish an purlieu that enables the employees to exploit their full potential. Therefore, organizations should programme on how to manage the diversity and empower the employees to maximize on their productivity. Moreover, the society within which global organizations operate is multicultural. Managing a multicultural workforce can be challenging and draining. However, having much(prenominal) a workforce presents virtually opportunities that an organization can use to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. This is because people from disparate culture have varying values and beliefs. ... Although managing a multicultural workforce can be challenging, such a workforce adds value to an organization. The benefits that arise from multiculturalism have encouraged organization to attract employees from different religious affiliations, culture, gender, races, and ethnic groups. For multinational companies, resistance often char acterizes expansion of business operation into different regions. However, companies with a multicultural workforce are able to gain acceptance faster. This enables it to establish rapidly and become competitive. To be able to obtain a multicultural workforce, the organization must be able to create an appropriate environment that attracts diverse individuals (Laytras & Ordycez, 2008 Trefry, Sept 2006). Political favors drive organizational multiculturalism since multicultural organization gain acceptance from the politics easily. This encourages organizations, especially international ones to bring together a workforce from different nationalities and cultures. Other than political favors, multicultural organizations are able to avoid cases of ligations while operating in opposed countries. Therefore, organizations operating across different countries often employ individuals from different culture to meet the legal demands of a country. This is because some countries require for eign companies to employ a certain percentage of local people. Moreover, some organizations are under legislative mandates that set aside any form of discrimination in the hiring process. Such organizations are likely to lose contracts if they fail to hug multiculturalism (Mazur, November 2010). Another factor that drives organizations to employ a multicultural workforce is the

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