Sunday, May 5, 2019

Building team Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Building team - Essay ExampleProbably, the unsuccessful managers argon leaving it up to the team members to select the leader amongst themselves. When this happens, the process of selection of the team leader whitethorn become complicated as there is just one post and contenders be many. In other(a) cases, everybody is reluctant to be a leader since more authority comes with more responsibility. When the benefits of having more authority are not much, there is not much attraction in becoming a leader. To avoid these complications, it is a good practice for the manager to select the leader from among the team members himself/herself. In addition to simplifying the process, this would add to the credibility and reliability of the leader in the view of the followers since the manager placed his/her confidence in the man-to-man selected as the leader.Selection of the team members is a technical process, and requires knowledge of the individual talents of members by the selector to c orpse the right team. The managers should select diverse team members having different kinds of skills and talents to avoid repetition of skills and fights over roles (National Institute for urban School Improvement, 2005, p. 3).Conflict attention in teamwork is of prime importance. A team comprises people with conflicting views and opinions, so they may frequently erupt into dysfunctional conflicts, thus, affecting their own, as well as the teams, performance as a whole in a negative way. Goof practices in conflict management are full-time monitoring, and establishment of a formal or informal code of ethics from daytime one. It is primarily the leaders responsibility to explain the followers which behaviors are intolerable or unimaginable and might incur the executors liabilities and/or penalties and what behaviors are good enough to make the executor entitled to final payment and appreciation. In addition, it is useful to document a procedure of arriving at a solution in cloc k of conflict

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