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Professional Development Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

victor evolution Plan - Research Paper ExampleThis paper will make a professional phylogeny plan for a teacher who is committed to creating an academically and culturally diverse classroom. It will also involve a timetable for meeting the goals and a thorough explanation of how the goals will be met. Finally, the paper will palm any obstacles that might hinder an educator from reaching the goals and what the educator will do to overcome them. Professional Development Plan (Sample) Name Will Smith Background/Teaching Context Classes You Teach eleventh and 8th Grade Mathematics, 8th Grade Physics and 6th Grade Web Design. Describe Your civilizeroom Population I teach at an independent K-12 school, in a middle school, in the urban California community. Even though, the school is independent, the mathematics and science curriculums strive to reflect the state and national standards. For this reason, the school only incorporates students who do not do well academically. Describe Y our Classroom and Students My Classroom is approximately 11 by 8 meters with 20 desks all occupied. However, the classroom is filled with white students who do not do well academically. Teaching Philosophy My teaching philosophy focuses on identifying the unique values of every student. severally learner should bring unique preferences, experiences, knowledge and skills to the table. My goal as an educator is to create an academically and culturally diverse classroom where learners feel free to interact and mingle with others. They should also ask questions freely to and sweep up part in activities and discussions. We are all mathematicians and scientists. Everyday mickle observer and gather data or information to solve them so that they could make sense in their lives (Stiles & Mundry, 2009). Mathematics and science are, therefore, significant subjects in students lives. Discipline Knowledge Areas of Strength 1. Mathematics My Bachelors Degree is in Mathematics. I run away to b e incredibly strong in mathematical concepts, which apply to the daily reasoning of someones life. 2. Physics I also hold a Masters degree in Physics. I grew up loving physics and took it as a Masters course after completing my Mathematics Degree. Areas of advancement 1. Biology Biology is an area I struggle with. I only took basic classes, in biology, fleck in high school, but dropped it after the main course selection. I have been urged a equalise of times that I need to understand biology in order to understand the way people function, but I consider this more of a psychological matter than biology. 2. Communication skills. Even though, I consider the way I communicate, with others, to be fair enough, it is always essential to do the best in everything. Goals and Objectives 1. Mindset, Learning and Environment Differentiation My goal is to set up a classroom for students with different mindsets academically. This center that the class will comprise of students who either want to be scientists, musicians, journalists, or any other job. The classroom should also incorporate students who view academics as a tool that opens their minds instead of just a vocation tool. My second goal is to create an environment, which includes students from diverse cultures instead of the usual white community. I seek to create an integrated classroom to support the integrated missions of

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