Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Justice, ethics & morality according to Marx and Nietzsche Research Paper

Justice, ethics & morality according to Marx and Nietzsche - Research Paper grammatical caseThe current order is bound to change and will ultimately be superseded by new unlike form of society. Marx proceeds to argue that historic change is not an arbitrary succession rather it develops by dint of stages and involves progression (Sayers, 2013).Development is divided into several distinct stages or means of production. Feudalism gives way to capitalist economy which is eventually replaced by socialism. Each stage evolves from the previous form as a higher historic form. Each stage of the process is initially constituent to progressive development and is appropriate for its time relational to the conditions which it supersedes. However, each stage of the process constitutes only a transitory stage that inevitably perishes and is replaced by a higher more developed stage (Sayers, 2013).During the course of development, the favorable conditions for the emergence of the next stage set about to establish themselves at heart the present. As the process progresses, the present conditions cease to be progressive and become a hindrance to the process of development. This is the basis of Marxs criticism of capitalism and advocacy for socialism. Marx regards both in historical terms and does not criticize the present on the basis of universal principles, rather it is immanent and carnal knowledge (Elster, 1985).For instant, relative to feudalistic conditions from which capitalism evolves, capitalism is viewed as a progressive development. From the perspective of capitalist society, the hierarchical, feudal system with its privileges and restrictions on commerce, and trade is oppressive and unfair. However, as the conditions for a socialist structure takes shape within capitalism, it becomes a hindrance to further development. From the stand point of a higher society, the capitalist system appears to be an impediment to human development and unjustified. This standpo int emerges as the capitalist society develops and is

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