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Define the medical model of health and describe the differences when Essay - 1

Define the medical mystify of health and describe the differences when compared to the complaisant molding of health - Essay ExampleThe concept of social puzzle of health is much advanced than the medical present and is currently being used in the welkin of medicine, nursing, sociology, health psychology, psychiatry, clinical social work and chiropractic medicine.According to the medical model of health, natural nausea is caused by a particular pathogen or disease causing organism (Curtis, p.48). The pathogens cause the disease because of which some physical changes occur within the body. The causative factors are not only organisms but some chemical imbalances and inheritable predisposition. According to the social model which is commonly known as the biopsychosocial model, illness is caused due to an interplay of a tidy sum of factors and that most of the times illness results from an interplay of biological factors the likes of pathogens, psychological factors like belie fs and behaviors and social factors like economical status and employment. This model of health was developed by Engel in the 1970s. The psycho aspects of health which this model proposed were cognitions like expectations of health, certain emotions like fear of treatment and important health-related behaviors like consumption of alcohol, smoking, diet and exercise (Curtis, p.53). aroused turmoil, lack of self-control and negative thinking have been incriminated in the development of disease. The social aspects of health which this model proposed were social drinking, peer group pressure and expectations, social values of health, ethnicity, parental pressure and expectations and social class. The social model of health is basically based on the social cognitive theory (Curtis, p.55).The medical model perceives illness as beyond the control of the individual and thus individuals are not responsible for the illness. here patients are regarded as victims of external force that cause s changes in the internal aspects of the patients. But the social model perceives illness as a combination of several

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