Monday, August 26, 2019

Position Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Position Paper - Essay Example There are a number of causes to such a feeling for example family problems, loss of a loved one, losing faith in your ideal person, underestimating boss or colleagues, neglecting society, or merely moving away from your house. I’m narrating this story according to my experience as a victim of this undesired eradicator ‘Alienation’. Out of many reasons as philosophers suggest, I was suffering from the neglecting attitude of my colleagues at work place from the time I joined in. Being a student, I took a part time job to cover my expenses. Not being part of the permanent staff, I was mostly excluded from conversations and group discussions. Not having anyone to talk to for the entire day frustrated me regardless of my purpose of joining the workplace which was merely to gain work experience and make a little money for myself. I started wondering why such discrimination? What is the actual reason for their unresponsiveness? I never thought I would do this, but I started questioning my purpose of life. I used to ask myself often, who am I? Why am I here? Who am I supposed to be? I couldn’t discuss this with anyone as I, myself was unsure as to what was happening to me. I lost focus from both, my studies as well as work when one of my teachers realized the despair I was going through. He was the one who figured out that I was suffering from the syndrome of alienation. I was made to leave the job and start community work for the time being. According to Amitai Etzioni, a sociology professor from George Washington University, one such social solution of getting rid of the feeling of alienation is the idea of communitarianism (Etzioni, 1990). Along with the community service, I started to study few subjects like art and culture to keep my mind occupied. Soon I became so fond of it, I started to bring my thoughts and ideas on the paper. My interest grew towards the subjects of humanities and I thought of taking it up as my

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