Sunday, August 11, 2019

Marketing Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Marketing Research - Essay Example The company believes that people’s concern of over quality and health have contributed to the success of the company. Consumers are drawn to Kudler’s no-preservatives baked goods as well to its old world style of baking process. In addition to this, the meat and seafood from certified organic producers met the exacting demands of the discerning customers ; thus, it is common sighting in Kudler’s to see the crà ¨me of the society selecting prime cuts during weekends. The herbs and spices are much sought after by local chefs and the wide variety of tropical fruits are mostly patronized by the health conscious customers. The cheese and dairy section were given a boost by the cheese sampling done every Saturday as well as the wine appreciation classes that sparked the interest of the common public. Nevertheless, Kudler also reaches out to the public through its reasonable prices so that everyone would appreciate gourmet food. Indeed, Kudler Fine Foods has gone a lon g way in its market development. However, the importance of marketing research cannot be undermined as there are many new entrants into this market segment. In addition to this, the fast-growing operations must be consistent in providing excellent service to its existing and potential customers. Kudler must not rest on its laurels; instead, it must develop a strong market research that would lead it to greater success through a larger market base. The main thrust of this paper is to confirm the importance of market research which can benefit the growth and maturity of Kudler Fine Foods. A sound market research would definitely do wonders by giving insight on domains or segments that can be tapped to develop. A good market profiling of customers both existing and potential could lead to sound tactical campaigns. Competitive intelligence and market analysis would provide the owners a clear picture of the whole gourmet store market which would correctly

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