Wednesday, August 28, 2019

M7A1 Theory and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

M7A1 Theory and Development - Essay Example As a function of this understanding and approach, the following discussion will be concentric upon defining Klein’s integrated control theory, discussing the organizational elements that are needed to support this model, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses that it portends, and summarizing the findings that will have been engaged. It is the further hope of this author that such a level of understanding will provide the reader with a more informed understanding for how the integrated control theory differs from traditional understandings of control theory that have been put forward within managerial literature and training for many decades. As even a cursory level of analysis reveals, the Klein model of integrated control theory is primarily focused on the need and ability of the manager and employee to work towards a mutual goal via effective forms of two way communication (Jiang et al., 2014). Yet, before determining that what Klein is proposing is nothing more than a cooperative level of engagement, the reader would do well to consider the fact that within the communication pattern, the manager is encouraged to understand and seek to impact upon attitudes and effectors of attitudes that are ultimately responsible for why a given project or task is off track. By understanding elements related to situational factors, behavior change, performance, feedback, and attitudes, Klein promoted the understanding that key organizational factors had a primary and measurable effect with respect to the overall efficacy of the â€Å"control† process of management (Mi, 2014). Furthermore, it should be understood that prior to the Klein model of interpreting control within the integrative control theory, the process was one that did not factor in such nuances. As has been previously alluded to, the failure of other models to

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