Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Energy and Society Essay

Energy is a vital aspect in adult male life. of all(prenominal) time since the dawn of human civilization, cogency has as well as been there to support survival and foster development and progress. The human familiaritys survival is greatly dependent on the heartiness that is abundantly present in the surround and this is unequivocally supported by many historical unconstipatedts such as the go outy of fire and the discovery of fossil fuel. Ever since humankind discovered the availability of energy learned ways of using it for their advantage, companionships development in every aspect never stopped. They continue to discover different miscellanys of energy and harness its power and transform it to significant form to fuel their machineries and every activity. Thus, society has indeed bring into beings dependent with energy in every aspect making it an important component in life. It is an evident fact that energy and its usage are present in all aspect of societys life . Considering sparing, energy is a moving agentive role in the international market making it a common unplayful between the countrys trade relationships. This energy in frugal is often manifest in the form of fossil fuels such as oil, gasoline and coal. In addition to those, electricitys economic value and significance is also firmly accelerating because of the its vital usage in economic aspects such as manufacturing and merchandise. Also, since the societys arcs at the present become electrical and computerized, electrical energy and its market are rapidly expanding hence increasing further its value. Energy also plays an important part to the introductory activities of the societies such as transportation, food production and even in leisure and entertainment. Common transportation modes at the present use fossil fuels and electricity for their energy source. These transportation modes are very vital to the society because human mobility, exploration, food distribution and others depend greatly on it.Food production also uses energy such to fuel the machineries that humanity uses to hasten their productivity thus increasing their food availability. Leisure and entertainment also at the present depends greatly on energy because it has developed to become electronic and computerized in nature as favored by the present trend in the society. Politics and warfare also in international and local anaesthetic grounds has been innovated to use energy in different forms such as electric, fossil, chemical and nuclear to become its main fuel source. All of these societys activities involve the usage of energy thus the demand for it greatly increases in every moment. Since the societys demand for energy continues to increase, they realise developed means to accelerate its production to satisfy their demand for it. benignity developed way to source out energy from various environmental means such as the thermal energy, solar energy, wind energy and nuclear energy. All of these major source and other minor ones with also valuable contributions continue to supply humanitys needs for energy. Thus, energy already became an important part of the society as their ally in their development and progress. However, energy also posts certain risks in the society akin a double- edged blade. Energy can foster life and societys growth but its improper usage and uncontrollably appetency can also result to dire consequences posing harm and even death to the people who utilized and developed its potential.

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