Monday, February 25, 2019

“Queen of the Nile” in Jeopardy

pantywaist of the Nile does not literally specify a woman in a throne nevertheless, one could hypothesize it as such since it is a well-known hotel and casino which caters a variety show of volume. The said hotel is known to be owned by DWI and its operations be supervised by the mentioned company. It is set(p) on the Mississippi River waterfront in saucy Orleans where it attracts visitors and even locals. The Egyptian themed hotels customers are usually of sum Eastern or Northern Afri groundwork nationals.Recently, there has been an increase in anti-Arab sentiments that take aim demonstrated frenzy and terrorism to voice out their emotions. The tycoon of the Nile hotel and casino is not an exception to this malady. The solicitude of the said hotel has currently stock terrorism and violent threats and has essentially, suffered spillagees due to snipers. The management of the hotel and DWI is now in a very tight placement since the threats have been continuously arriving . The people concerned should act immediately or else the Queen of the Nile impart be enthroned. reasoned ImplicationsThe hotel management is now face with the legal issues the situation whitethorn bring. The anti-Arab sentiments group wanted the management to restrict the hotels customers to anyone except Arab or Arab-American visitors. Essentially, this is in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 where the act grants everyone equal rights to work without discrimination on the ground of national origin (Civil Rights Act of 1964). In addition, the Arab and Arab-American customers have asserted that if the hotel does prohibit the entry of the said nationals, they will boycott DWI products and services.Moreover, if the management will file a drive regarding the issue, they will believably be denied the exception of the 1964 Act as in the case of cardinal previous compositors cases. First, the spirit of Atlanta Motel, Inc. who spelled that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was unconstitutional, lost their lawsuit (Atlanta vs. U.S. In this case, the hotel refuses Negro customers and was declared in violation of the act.The same happened with the case of Katzenbach vs. McClung, where Ollies Barbecue limited their dine-in services to white customers. Although in this case, the homage first ruled in favor of the assembly line establishment, then the appeal of the other party was welcomed and the judgment was reversed. This might also happen to Queen of the Nile. And truly, the prohibition of customers from a particular nationality which is a form of discrimination is an writ large violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Ethical ImplicationsEthical issues also cabbage with the situation at hand. As has been reported, a few guests and employees have already become victims of this violence and terrorism. As long as the guard of the employees and guests is concerned, the management is formally responsible and should have an assurance that security is on take in priority. It is true that the hotel has already increased its security measures, however, it is also exhibited that these efforts are ineffective.The businesss stability therefore is in jeopardy until such situation has been put under control. The security of the building is also in danger. Facilities and the architecture may be damaged if terrorist acts continue to rain on the hotels management. Damage of buildings and other facilities may result to a significant loss for the hotel. Moreover, due to the threats encountered by the hotel management, peace and order in the vicinity where the hotel is located is disrupted. This is a very delicate issue on ethics since the residents almost the hotel might propose the closure of the hotel which can be the worst that it can get.ConclusionLets analyze the situation the Queen of the Nile is encountering at present. The anti-Arab groups wanted them to reject Arab customers with the threat that if they do not do so, violence will befall them. On the other hand, if they give in to this blackmail, the Arab-American companionship will boycott their products and services. The management can try to reject the Arab customers and the voilence will surely cease.However, the people may sue the hotel management and plea for a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If this is the decision the management will contingency in, then, they should be prepared legally. And I think, they have a good discover to win the case. That is, if they plead that they do not have a prime(a) but to conform to the blackmail since if they dont, peace and order, security and golosh of the employees and customers will be compromised.Unlike the previous cases, the management of the Queen of the Nile is faced with terrorism threats which is somehow, a form of disruption of commerce. If the hotel will appeal to the approach justice to attack the Civil Rights Act, surely, they will lose, nevertheless, the hotel may appeal to have an exemption to the rule since the issue was not actually a in-person matter but rather a security matter where the safety of the customers is in jeopardy. This is the plan I recommended the management to undertake.ReferencesFindLaw for Legal Professionals. 1964, 14 December. Heart of Atlanta Motel, Inc. vs. United States April 22, 2008, from http// for Legal Professionals. 1964, 14 December. Katzenbach vs. McClung. 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