Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Organizational Behavior in a Negative or Positive Manner Essay

Organizational Behavior in a Negative or Positive Manner - Essay Example Organizational behavior helps to draw the organizational as well as industrial psychology. Key elements of organization’s behavior are people, structure, technology, environment and many other external elements. This is required for improving job performance, increasing job satisfaction, encouraging leadership, promoting innovation etc. Management will adopt various techniques to evaluate the performance, modify salary and compensation structure by using this method. There are positive and negative sides also. Benefits of organizational behavior are it is systematic study of attitude and action of people within organization. Managers can do proactive work in effective and efficient way by using this method etc. on the other hand managing work force diversity, improving quality and productivity through the existing manpower, responding to globalization etc are few challenges for using this method. Culture can be defined as such kind of behavior that is cultivated and transmitte d socially. It includes knowledge, values, religion, beliefs, relation, roles, meanings, concepts of the universe, material possessions etc. Different types of culture are pluralism, dualism, salad blow, pragmatic culture, normative culture, academic culture, club culture etc. For example it can be said that in pragmatic culture management will focus only on the customer’s satisfaction. In normative culture management of the company is strict and rigid about the company’s guidelines, rules and regulations. Three major types of culture are discussed below: Pluralism- In this culture smaller groups of individuals try to maintain their unique culture identity and their value, culture, identities are related to broader culture and tradition.

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