Friday, November 1, 2019

Ip5 program capstone Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ip5 program capstone - Research Paper Example At the GreenHall hotel, promotions are given to the employees by merit. This means that those who have shown exemplary performance in their work are promoted. However, at the BlueShield hotel, employees are promoted whenever they get an additional academic qualification. BlueShield places a lot of importance to the academic qualifications while GreenHall places emphasis on the experiences that the employee has had in the company. Communication at GreenHall is not limited and employees can pass information freely. This means that all the employees can interact and pass information freely regardless of their position in the company. This helps the employees feel free to talk to the top officials whenever they are experiencing problems in the company (Bach, 2013). BlueShield Hotel, on the other hand, communicates strictly in a top-down direction. Both hotels use the SWOT tool to improve the operations of their hotels. They both make use of their individual strengths, recognize their weaknesses and try to improve them, realize the existing opportunities and utilize them. They also identify their strengths and makes use of them. A change in the external environment is likely to affect both companies in the same way. For instance, if there are terrorists’ threats in the area, then the hotels are likely to experience a low season (Burt, 2005). They may need to even close their businesses for a while. Terrorists’ threats are very harmful to the hospitality industry. In conclusion, both the GreenHall and BlueShield hotels operate and function in different ways to accomplish the same goals of getting more clients and thus more profits. The aim of any company is to make profits, and each company has their way of attaining their projected profits (Bou,

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