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Central Purpose And Core Theme - 1513 Words

Central Purpose and Core Theme Author Sudhir Venkatesh wrote â€Å"Gang Leader for a Day† to produce an in-depth ethnography on how people make a living with the use of underground economies in marginalized communities. He does so by providing descriptions of encounters with a crack-selling gang named the Black Kings, operating in Chicago, Illinois’ projects. The central take Venkatesh uses to explain how one makes money and the most popular way that young African-American males made money was by selling drugs and, for this in-depth ethnography, crack-cocaine. He also gives much detail on other ways that men make a living in the help of underground economies such as manual labor and selling stolen goods. For women, prostitution, daycare services, and taking in boarders were among the most profitable illegal services. Venkatesh also elaborates on how people make a living by emphasizing in his work the theme of community. When one is poor, their financial resources obviously are not adequate enough to have all the required necessities to live comfortably like others in middle class and upper class communities have. For example, if one cannot afford electricity, that person will trade or barter with others the resources they do have in order to use their electricity. This Venkatesh found out was a frequent way to get by in project living because it was rare that individuals could afford all necessities at once thus emphasizing how working together as does a community madeShow MoreRelatedEssay about Isaiah1197 Words   |  5 Pagescoauthor of several books. He is a strong advocate for Christians making God’s missionary purpose a central theme in their lives. â€Å"Missions cannot be an afterthought for the Old Testament: it is the heart and core of the plan of God† (38). Walter desire s for the church, to not only participate in blessing to the greatest of ability, but also to receive the supreme blessings the Lord has to offer us. Purpose of the Author: â€Å"God’s eternal plan was to provide salvation for all peoples; it was neverRead MoreThe World Economic Power And Its Impact On The Economy991 Words   |  4 Pageslabor force will bring much pressure on society. The final power is the tighter global connection in capital, people, and information. The connection between the countries has already become an intricate web from a series of lines simply connecting core trading pivots of developed economies. The capital flows between emerging markets; the trades between developing areas and the people crossed borders have all experienced a sharp increase. Figure 1: Global connection has become a complex web (NealRead MoreExploring the Conditions Purposes of Public Schools: Are Schools Simply Used to Create a Well-Trained or Well-Educated Workforce?811 Words   |  4 Pages What is the purpose of schools? Some would say the purpose of schools is to create a well trained workforce, others to prepare students to become democratic citizens. This essay will examine not only the current conditions of public schools, but also what their primary purpose should be. After having read several articles on the inequalities of schools I would have to say, using Jean Anyons terms, that the affluent-professional and executive elite truly benefit most from public schoolingRead MoreTheme Of Chevrefoil ( The Honeysuckle ) By Marie De France1102 Words   |  5 PagesThe poem â€Å"Chevrefoil (The Honeysuckle)† by Marie De France gladly spoke about lovers whose love was â€Å"so true, so pure† that it caused them to suffer and die on the same day (De France 167). This lay explores the themes of inseparable love, while keeping true to the underlying meaning of the hazel tree and the honeysuckle, while the speaker of the poem carries a jovial yet melancholy tone throughout the lay. Tristan and the Queen’s attraction is vast. Because of this, the metaphor for their loveRead MoreMarketing Strategies Of Southwest Airlines920 Words   |  4 PagesA central theme in marketing is a company’s ability to communicate the value of its product and/or service offering to a specified target or core customer. Through the use of profiling and research, a company determines which individuals best represent the end users of its product and/or service (Boone Kurtz, 2014). These individuals become the company’s target or core customers. The company then builds marketing strategies specifically aimed â€Å"to inform, persuade, and remind† (Kolter Keller,Read MoreAmerican Education System Essay930 Words   |  4 Pagesbelieve schools must implement in order for students to succeed. Each state holds the right to create and effectuate their own set of academic guidelines; however, most follow the standards set by the central government. Forty-two of th e states and five American territories have adopted the Common Core State Standards Program since its creation in 2010, but they may choose to modify the regulations at any time for any reason. (American) Additionally, those states and provinces which utilize their ownRead MoreForrest Gump : Active Video Note Taking, Questions, And Analysis Paper1154 Words   |  5 Pagesimplemented, and analyzed the first two standards in the Common Core Reading for Literature 9-10, students will attempt to apply these skills to another medium: a film. The class will watch Forrest Gump, and when finished, compose a detailed analysis based on both of the skills or standards that were instructed: Standard 9-1: Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says. Standard 9-2: Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze in detail its development over the courseRead MoreSymbolism In Joseph Conrads Heart Of Darkness805 Words   |  4 PagesJoseph Conrad’s novella, Heart of Darkness, contains many symbols that connect to themes within it. Heart of Darkness incorporates the symbols of light and dark to develop the idea that society and characters, like Kurtz, contribute to the darkness of their society. Conrad’s different observations of the effect that nature can have on the characters and society within the novel, primarily focus on how something light and desirable can prove to bring out the ugliest aspects of humanity or cause significantRead MoreComparison of Mission Statements: Heart of Lancaster Medical Centre and High Desert Medical College Inc1001 Words   |  4 Pagesinstitution, and its core values and responsibilities and the area of interest. (Yopp, 2008) Researchers have compared schools and found that the appearance that they are homogeneous with regard to their overall purpose is wrong. Schools take on a personality and method of function based on the primary aims or mission. The research by Stemler, Bebell and Sonnabend, (2001) which was an attempt to analyze the utility of school mission statements and the contrast with the core purposes of schools nationwideRead MoreCare Theory Compare Contrast1602 Words   |  7 PagesThrough interactions with others we learn how to recognize ourselves in others. Watson believes that through these interactions humanity is preserved. John Paley’s article A Slave Morality: Nietzchean themes in nursing ethics criticizes Watson’s theory that caring is central to nursing. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast John Paley’s article to Jean Watson’s Commentary on Shattle M (2004) Nurse-patient interaction: A review of the literature. A discussion of Watsonâ €™s background

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