Thursday, July 25, 2019

The OD consultant and consulting process, Entry and Contracting Case Study

The OD consultant and consulting process, Entry and Contracting - Case Study Example enterprise in to high demanding segments, it has thought about implementing innovative applications of advanced laser technology and make positive changes. The company has presently five engineering teams, they are laser system, component system, satellite control, custom design etc. out of these teams, the laser and satellite team are quite new and less experienced of handling critical issues. As the company was planning of implementing laser system and the duty has been assigned to a Todd’s team, the management team being responsible for laser system, it has been getting delayed. The executive vice president of engineering at the company named Patrick Delacroix has come to request the Organization Development consultant named Cassandra in the AeroTech human resource department to help them start laser products, ensure greater efficiency in laser system and to increase the productivity by managing the time effectively. Patrick Delacroix has come to Cassandra to get help in assisting Todd learn better managing aspects and to develop advanced laser system with help of some brightest engineers. He has mentioned that the company’s major issue is productivity and that has been greatly impacted by managing the time as well. The presenting problem from the case study is less productivity due to mismanagement of time and inefficiency in laser system, but the underlying problem is that the team under Todd is less-performing in laser system causing delay in implementing laser system due to that there much gap between experienced and new engineers and age-gap between twentieth and mid-sixteenth. As Anderson (2011, p. 121) described, a presenting problems are the initial explanations of the situations that highlight the symptoms of the main issues and the underlying problems are the root cause or fundamental issues that create the symptoms of the presenting problems. Before Todd joined the team, the team has been managed by Ed Herman, a very popular, well accepted and

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